Devlog 4 Continuous Testing, Redesigning and Realization

Week 4  - Monday Nov 27th - Hello everyone. This is Daichi with another developer update to the game mirror with good and bad news. Good news is Level 1 is getting a redesign based on last weeks play testing to make it a bit more fancy for the player. Such as a longer Quest 1 with multiple objectives, thicker walls in case anyone plops out of them, name changes and sound implementation. As well as the start of the UI game screen (basically the start screen). The middle Scene for Level 1 is also being implemented. This scene is when the player finishes the daytime quest and has to look in the mirror to see the progress on the daytime mission. Then into the nighttime script! The boss model is also created and just has to be transferred to the game itself. Now for the bad news. Based on the amount of time left (because this is a school bound project) The game will sadly not be finished in time for levels 1 , 2 and 3 completely. Majority of the levels will be completed to some extent but based on time left with weeks 5 and 6 It probably wont last too long. However I do want to create this game in the future. I do want to make this 2D as well but with a much LARGER time frame. Thank you for reading and here's the development timeline..

Week 5  - Mon Nov 27th  - Sunday Dec 3rd  Day time objectives level 2 implemented/  Day time objectives level 3 implemented /  Boss model implemented /  Game sound Finalized and implemented / Start Screen created/ GDD update 

Week 6  - Mon  Dec 4th  - Sunday Dec 10th   Merging of all 3 levels / Player model implemented / GDD update  / 

Week 7   -  Dec 11th   - Game Final Prototype Released. 

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