Devlog 3 Play test and Level Implementation.!!

Week 3 - Monday Nov, 20th - Good day everyone this is Daichi with another developer update. We are in  Week 3 now and I feel as if the development has changed in a sense of progress. All 3 levels are being worked on by a person and are being play tested at the same time so I might have to change the schedule  to adjust to the new development. Also level 1 is being fixed and is almost completely done. Just waiting on models, play-testing an bug fixes. (keep in mind I want to keep this as close to a demo as possible) Day Time objectives for day 1, 2 and  3 are done. Night time levels are being reworked and visualized a bit better. So that they match the current day time objectives. Boss concept finalized and it is a giant roboto. Just need to transfer the model. ( I will have pictures of that next week).  There are a little bit of problems with the non stop code so I'm going to try and fix that.  I also did a playtest report which I can paste here :

Playtest Report. Mirror :Human Day Time Level 1

Bugs found:

  • Box behind walls

  • RIght click input

Quick Fixes:

  • Visibility on Panels

  • Quest Prompt Wording

  • Enemy Speed (Faster)

  • Lower Sensitivity

Ideas provided

  • Make the game like a fun house. Like a find it or something random. Get the player interested in stupidity (Life of stanley reference)

  • More giant robots when one dies.

Questions asked:

  1. How well did you think you performed in the game? 1-7   Answer: 5

  2. How easy is this game? 1-7 Answer: 7

  3. How motivated were you to play this game? 1 -7 Answer: 6

  4. Imagery in the game itself? `-7 Answer: 6 for scientist models. 4 for area

  5. Play Again? 1- 7 Answer: 5

  6. Ever felt that you were talking at the screen while playing? 1 - 7 answer: 7

  7. Attention span in the game  1- 7 Answer: 1

  8. Has this game distracted you from everyday concerns 1 - 7 answer: 5

  9. Interaction with Game Environment 1- 7 Answer: 7

Extra notes:

Gave names for the cubes and robo ball

Cube  = Cubey

Ball  = Arnold

Greg= bushy brow

Gren  = new name Linda

Galvin =  Evil

Here's the development timeline!

Week 4  - Mon Nov 20th  - Sunday Nov 26th   Daytime/Nighttime Level 1 bugs fixed, Randomness implemented,  Day time Objectives level 2 developed/ Night time animation research/  Multiple endings implemented in scripts/ UI Fully Developed/ Day time objectives level 3 under review/  Boss model creation and  research / background music of day and night time implemented /GDD update 

Week 5  - Mon Nov 27th  - Sunday Dec 3rd   Day time objectives level 3 developed/ Night time animation implemented/  Multiple endings implemented /  Boss model implemented /  Game sound Finalized /GDD update 

Week 6  - Mon  Dec 4th  - Sunday Dec 10th   Merging of all 3 levels / Player model implemented / GDD update  / 

Week 7   -  Dec 11th   - Game Demo Release

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