Let there be CHANGE! DV#2

Week 2 - Monday Nov, 13, 20 17 - Good Afternoon, Evening or Good day in general Everyone! This is Daichi with another Dev Log update on Mirror: human. We are moving into development of week 3 now to which Level 1 should be mechanically done during that time. It might even get done before the week ends! There are pictures showing the change in level 1 day time mechanically of course. the polish will come in time.  We've decided to have a different take on the game itself to see how it will play out. The game will have two features of Cant stop moving during the day time and Entire game on scene during the night time. To clarify I will give an example.. Lets say you are trying to complete these 3 tasks for scientist like moving power sources, gathering energy and fighting their Roboto's. If the scientist see you stay still for 3 seconds you will be shouted at an the level restarts. ( Quick paced game) during the day time. and timed in the night. The view has also been transformed into a more 3d effect and 2.5D during the night time. The player completes the daytime task, goes home, checks mirror for progress and enters the night time stage and that is one whole level.  My Art Designer Mike has developed some sounds on Bfxr for me to try out which I will review and try to change later on. The day 2 and 3 objectives are still being written so we are a little behind as well as the weapon concepts but they will certainly be here for Week 3. 

Here's the development timeline!

Week 3  - Mon Nov 13th - Sunday Nov 19th - Day time objectives for level 1 developed  / Weapon Concepts pt2/ Day 2 and 3 objectives pt2/ Night time animation research/ Multiple ending concepts written/ Day time objectives level 2 under review / UI now in Development ( Basic screen with title and clickable level buttons created/  boss concepts / enemy concepts /  3 sound files created and implemented /GDD update 

Week 4  - Mon Nov 20th  - Sunday Nov 26th  Day time Objectives level 2 developed/ Night time animation research/  Multiple endings implemented in scripts/ UI Fully Developed/ Day time objectives level 3 under review/  Boss model creation and  research / background music of day and night time implemented /GDD update 

Week 5  - Mon Nov 27th  - Sunday Dec 3rd   Day time objectives level 3 developed/ Night time animation implemented/  Multiple endings implemented /  Boss model implemented /  Game sound Finalized /GDD update 

Week 6  - Mon  Dec 4th  - Sunday Dec 10th   Merging of all 3 levels / Player model implemented / GDD update  / 

Week 7   -  Dec 11th   - Game Demo Release

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Great work, but don't forget the playtesting log!

Understood !