So many Idea's so little time!!! DL#1

Week 1  - Mon Oct 30 - Sunday Nov 5th Salutations everyone my name is Daichi and I am the lead designer of Mirror: Human and welcome to our devlog. This is the first of many devlogs to come for this game. I plan to have a demo of the game by December and possibly make it into a fully developed game by possibly next year! Here's whats currently happening.

The game is going to be viewed on the entire screen which means no side scrolling. There will be levels of the game that span like days of the week. Each level presents a day and night cycle to which the main character will plow through and at the end of the week encounter a boss that is a combination of what you faced in that week. In the demo I plan to have two days and a final boss level day for you guys to play. There also might be a major change in view depending on development but we will see how that goes.  Keep in mind this is a school project but not for long!  My team and I are still relatively new to coding so we will try our best.

Development for this week includes. Mon Oct 30 - Sunday Nov 5th Week 1

- The creation of 3 levels each with a night and day system.

- Creation of health bars for each of those three days. 

- Creation of enemies that ooze towards the player 

-Prototype of the game with bare essentials and examples of how certain elements will work.

Now here's the Development timeline  of the demo out for you all.

Week 1  - Mon Oct 30th - Sunday Nov 5th - Creation of 3 levels with prototype default/ Health bars added/ Enemy creation/ GDD update 

Week 2  - Mon Nov 6th - Sunday Nov 12th - Research and Creation of RPG like elements/  Script transfers to scenes/ Days 1 - 3 objectives written/ Weapon concepts/ Sound concepts/ Asset creation and research /GDD update 

Week 3  - Mon Nov 13th - Sunday Nov 19th - Day time objectives for level 1 developed  / Night time animation research/ Multiple ending concepts written/ Day time objectives level 2 under review / UI now in Development ( Basic screen with title and clickable level buttons created/  boss concepts / enemy concepts /  3 sound files created and implemented /GDD update 

Week 4  - Mon Nov 20th  - Sunday Nov 26th  Day time Objectives level 2 developed/ Night time animation research/  Multiple endings implemented in scripts/ UI Fully Developed/ Day time objectives level 3 under review/  Boss model creation and  research / background music of day and night time implemented /GDD update 

Week 5  - Mon Nov 27th  - Sunday Dec 3rd   Day time objectives level 3 developed/ Night time animation implemented/  Multiple endings implemented /  Boss model implemented /  Game sound Finalized /GDD update 

Week 6  - Mon  Dec 4th  - Sunday Dec 10th   Merging of all 3 levels / Player model implemented / GDD update  / 

Week 7   -  Dec 11th   - Game Demo Release

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